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Our Services

Suncoast Perfusion Services goes above and beyond most traditional perfusion companies. We are a comprehensive blood product management company that works with you to improve the standards of care, have more continuity of care and ensure cost effectiveness. Our goal is to ensure the right patient gets the right blood product in the right amount at the right time for the right outcome. We individualized each program to fit the needs of the facility. We will become an integral part of your team helping you to derive and carry out plans of action for improvement. Suncoast has also teamed up with Haemonetics to bring our customers even more blood product management tools and services. Our services include machines, certified technicians and disposable supplies for one set cost and no additional fees.

Perioperative Blood Management

Perioperative Blood Management (PBM) is a multi-disciplinary, evidence-based, comprehensive approach to ensure that the Right Patient gets the Right Amount of the Right Blood Product at the Right Time. PBM includes compiling an individualized program from a range of services, technology and equipment that best meets the needs of your facility. Suncoast Perfusion Services allows you to obtain all services, technology and equipment you need for a high quality PBM program from one provider. Suncoast Perfusion Services will also continue to give you support and guidance when and where needed.

Obtain Better Patient Outcomes by Limiting Allogenic Transfusion Risk

Many lives have been saved by blood transfusions. Like so many other treatments, there is risk involved in blood transfusion. By implementing a perioperative blood management program and strategically minimizing allogenic blood transfusions, you can help promote better patient outcomes in the following ways:

  • Reduce infection rate

  • Decrease length of stay

  • Eliminate transfusion reactions

  • Reduce administrative errors

Decrease Cost by Effectively Managing your Blood Product Supply with our PBM Program

The blood supply is a limited resource that should be conserved whenever possible. Implementing a PBM program protects this precious resource and provides a safe and cost effective alternative to allogeneic transfusions.

The cost of blood is significant and always increasing. The graph to the right shows the economic benefits of using the fixed cost of Autotransfusion services vs. incurring the rising cost of each unit during and after surgery. This table assumes that the total acquisition and processing cost per unit is $761.00. Even if only a single unit is required, Autotransfusion is economically viable. No matter how many units are processed the charge remains the same for ATS.

cost of autotransfusion vs bank blood image graph
blood drop image

Blood Management Solutions that Improve Patient Outcomes and Lower Costs

Suncoast Perfusion Services has teamed up with companies such as Haemonetics to provide a completely comprehensive suite of blood management solutions to meet cost-reduction demands, reduce waste, and provide a higher standard of patient care.

To help our customers achieve a higher standard of patient care, we guide you through an effective blood management approach which includes services, devices, actionable information to guide transfusion practices and ongoing measurements to change behavior. Suncoast uses a data –driven approach in helping to establish best practices in blood management and partnering with our customers to implement recommendations that optimize the facilities blood product usage.

Information Management

Each facility is unique and therefore data collection must be the starting point for an effective blood management program. Using IOL, our team will compile 3 years of past data from your separate hospital computer systems. The Suncoast team will then present the data along with a suggested plan of action to best optimize blood products and patient outcomes at your facility. We will continue to guide the blood management team as well as help in educating medical staff on new standards of care. We will continue to collect live data from your facility so that we can show improvements, changes in behavior and cost reductions.


Suncoast can provide you with devices to help achieve your blood management goals. We take the hassle out of choosing devices for you, we have access to all devices on the market and have vetted them all and use only the best on the market. You can trust us to guide you in the direction that is best for your facility. We offer devices to track blood products from donor to recipient, calculate the amount and type of blood product needed for a specific patient, track blood product usage, store and distribute blood products, process autologous blood, provide hot chemotherapy medications, and much more. We offer training, in-services and ongoing support for devices at your facility.


Suncoast Perfusion Services has become the only free standing perfusion company in the nation to be accredited by The Joint Commission under their Ambulatory Health Care program. We pride ourselves in the highest quality of services provided by highly trained professionals. Suncoast offers our customers the options of service only for Autotransfusion and Platelet Gel procedures or a complete program including the service, machines, disposables, insurance, policy and procedures, QC/QA, in-services and consulting.

We can provide services to you at...

  • Hospitals

  • Surgical Centers

  • Wound Care Centers

  • Joint Clinics

  • Urgent Care Centers

  • Physician Offices

  • Extended Care Facilities

Company Overview

  • We are a full service provider for Autotransfusion, Platelet Gel, Perfusion, BMAC and much more.

  • We supply everything needed—the staff, machines, disposables, policy and procedure book.

  • We are the first Perfusion Company in the nation to become accredited by the Joint Commission.

  • We were established in 1998 and we now provide services for over 27 accounts in the state of Florida.

  •  We have highly trained medical professionals providing services.

  • We individualize our comprehensive programs to fit the needs of each facility.

  • We provide services at hospitals, surgery centers, wound care centers, physician offices and urgent care centers.

  • We strive on providing high quality, cost effective services.

  • We have a stringent QC/QA program.

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