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Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate


Bone marrow is a readily available source of undifferentiated  and progenitor cells in the body - these are cells that have yet to develop into a specific cell type with a specific purpose. When applied to an injury or surgical site, these cells develop into cells that have growth factors necessary for healing and reducing inflammation.


With the use of BMAC, significant beneficial healing progress and successful bone grafting can be seen in many different procedures, including total hip replacements, fusions, fractures & non-unions and help to heal after significant trauma to bones. For smaller injuries or affected areas with smaller surgical sites, Platelet Gel Therapy is recommended.

Bone marrow can be extracted from various areas of the body, including the femur (thigh), iliac crest (upper hip), or humerus (upper arm). Only 20ml needs to be extracted to show significant results, and can enrich the area with cells as much as: 

Mononucleated Cells (MNC's - lymphocytes, monocytes & stem cells): 376,000,000

CD34+ (Protein found in stem & progenitor cells): 16,000,000

CFU's (myeloid cells - can differentiate into red blood cells, white blood cells or platelets) per cm: 33,000

Progenitor Cells: 61,000

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