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Autotransfusion Services

cellsaver machine Dr Abdolvahabi case

Autotransfusion Services are the perfect option in any* surgery where there is a potential for blood loss.


Also known as Cellsaver, Autotransfusion is performed with a machine that collects, processes and returns blood. Blood is collected from the surgical field via suction tubing in a sterile reservoir. Once the blood in the reservoir reaches a certain level, it is then washed and processed in the machine's centrifuge to remove any particles or anticoagulant. Once processed, it is emptied in a sterile blood transfer bag and returned to you. 

Autotransfusion procedures are safe, and eliminate the possibility of having a transfusion reaction or disease transmission, as you are receiving your own blood back. 

Did you know...

◊ Bank blood is costly. In the U.S., the cost of bank blood transfusions exceeds 1.3 billion annually

◊ Though highly unlikely, bank blood can still lead to disease transmission and transfusion reactions

◊ O positive is the most common blood type, averaging 38% of the population. O+ is a universal donor so it is widely used, but O+ patients can only receive O+ or O- blood. Not always will the bank have available the blood type or quantity you need

◊ You are charged per-unit with bank blood, which can become very costly

◊ Not always will the blood bank be available in the time that you need them

With Autotransfusion

◊ You are charged a flat rate, no matter how much blood you lose or is returned to you


◊  There is no chance of having a blood transfusion reaction or disease transmission, as you are receiving your own blood back


◊  We work alongside the surgeons and staff in the O.R. during your procedure. We monitor your blood loss and return it to you as you need it. The faster you lose blood, the faster you get it back.


◊  You are only receiving what you need. If you do not lose a significant amount of blood, none will need to be returned to you. Even if you don’t need blood returned, autotransfusion is a good safety net to have and can be used in any procedure where there is a potential for blood loss.


◊  Autotransfusion can be done using a closed continuous circuit, allowing those of some faiths to receive life-saving blood they would not consent to otherwise.

*Contraindications for Autotransfusion include malignancy or suspicion of cancerous cells in operative site, infection, and contaminated wounds.

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